The Enclave of Blood & Stone

“We fight for the people, for the land, and for our future. We fight for a world where justice prevails.” -Commander Luzian


Near the capital of Ferös, a row of ancient mountains stood sentry over the land. The Feröcrest Range—the first feature visible when approaching The Council's city of Emrol. Although, even more distinct than the sierras themselves was the fortress carved into the side of their tallest peak. This impressive structure served as the base of operations for The Enclave of Blood & Stone. 

Five turrets dutifully watched over the epicenter of the realm. Within, a small aqueduct routed a spring through the middle, providing the bastion with fresh water before cascading into a crystalline lake below. These mountains were also the mining site for Ferös’ most sacred stone, Banded Iron. An old tunnel ensured its safe delivery from the fortress to Emrol, which doubled as a potential escape route for the capital’s tectonic individuals. The Enclave took great pride in providing Ferös with this symbolic rock and saw themselves as the wardens of The Council. Ultimately, five drops were placed around their sigil to represent each council member.

Training was rigidly executed by Blood & Stone. Led by Commander Luzian, uniform chants by the regiment could be heard from the fortress at all hours of the day. The barracks were a clamor of devout warriors ready to offer their might whenever called. They practiced battle formations twice a week and marched every day. The rumble from their boots sent an intimidating message down the mountainside: for the people, for the land, for our future.


The Order of The Gilded Sun

“We set our course by the stars above, not the fading light of man.” 

   -Commander Torbran


The realm of Ferös harbored many beautiful landscapes, but among the most unique was the Forest of Ferinor. Named “iron light” for the trees grew in a webbed, vein-like pattern, opening itself to many meadows, and every spring the leaves sprouted into a brilliant gold. Here The Order of The Gilded Sun made their homes. 

They were known to make houses out of logs, and even built a great hall to worship the gods, Aegir and Taranis. This hall opened to a large, roofless promenade full of gardens, allowing the sun and the stars to mingle with their ceremonies. Although The Order adhered to The Council's rule and considered themselves Feröners like the rest, they held the gods above all else. For celestial influence was the reason life existed in the first place, and therefore, must be revered with the utmost appreciation. To align with this, three stars were placed on their sigil to represent their unity with the gods.

As the leaves settled into their summer green, training ramped up under the lead of Commander Torbran Graves. Their landscape made the people of The Order expert hunters and stalkers, and the Commander was no fool to this. He carried on the tradition of divide and conquer. They favored ambushes and small skirmishes, of which The Gilded Sun was formidable. Tirelessly, they trained in sword, axe, and spear combat for the chance to overcome the rival faction at The Battle of Banded Iron—to claim their seat on The Council, and above all, to appease the gods. 


The House of The Silver Barb



“Preserve and Renew. All deserve a chance to rise again.”
-The Silver Barb’s vow 

In the formative years of Ferös, when The Council struggled to hold its reign on the land, blood was shed between neighbors far too often. The factions were always at odds, creating a dark stain in the history books—now known as The Crimson Years. Within this darkness, a spark of light was struck. Folk with compassion brimming in their hearts braved the turmoil to help the wounded. They wore a light grey cloth around their torsos to indicate their neutrality and soon gained the name of Silver Barbs.

Then, The Battle of Banded Iron was formed by The Council in an attempt to restore order to Ferös. The Barbs were adrift but well-loved across the land. No matter the size of the village, a Barb would trade medical assistance as a benefice, helping any who sought their aid.

A few years of these residencies transpired. Then, one day, an embellished letter arrived at each Barb’s door. One of the wealthiest denizens of Ferös had passed away, bestowing her large estate to The Silver Barbs. Agnes Dacre had been a widow who lost her husband and daughter to The Crimson Years. In the letter, her serjeant expressed Agnes’ deep gratitude for how devoutly the Barbs tried to save her loved ones, and upon her death, she declared her sprawling, multi-structure estate become a studium generale for herbal medicine and wound care. In honor of the Dacre family, the Barbs planted rows of white roses, and the stadium became known as Argeanth, “Silver Flower”.

Pupils took an oath of non-violence upon enrollment, and once declared a bona fide Silver Barb, they traveled across Ferös seeking a community in need of a healer. They also had the opportunity to participate in the tradition of being battlefield medics. Every year, the head healer, Lilith Roe, selected eight of her best Barbs to attend The Battle of Banded Iron. Formally, they were anointed The House of The Silver Barb for the occasion and poured their hearts into mending those fallen by a warrior’s blade.