Midsummer Tournament

MarQuest is holding a Midsummer Fight Tournament on June 23rd to determine who is a champion amongst the peoples of Feros! The proving grounds will be at Belsolda Farm in Harvey, Mi, beginning at 4pm. General entry to the grounds is free for everyone. To enter into the tournament, fighters must be 21+ and register via the link below. The tournament will be a $10 entry and the winner will be awarded with the prizes of a Victor medallion forged by Faust of the Ferinor Forest, and also the title of Knight of Sumier. The medallion and title will grant you a constituion bonus during Septembers Battle of Banded Iron. Entries will be accepted up until 4pm on June 23rd.

There will be an additional archery competition that will be free to enter and available to all. The winner of the archery competition will be awarded with a Victor medallion and the title of Arrow of the Emissary. 

Medieval outfits, costumes, or armour are required for entry. Our events are fully immersive. Hobbits and feast-lovers alike are invited to sign-up for the pot-luck dinner and help us bring some Feros merriment!

Here is the link to sign up for the Tournament: Tournament Sign Up

Here is the link to sign up for the Pot-luck: Potluck Sign Up

** Rules and regulations for the Tournament and for the Archery events: We will be providing all fighters and archers with our own swords, shields, bows, and arrows for this event. This is to create a fair fighting field for all who enter. Feel free to bring your own weapons, bows, and shields, for the fight arena will be open before and after the tournament for friendly duels!

Additionally, we wanted to remind or inform you all of the combat rules that we recognize for our events. There shall be no hits above the shoulders (neck and head shots will not count as hits). Hits that strike the hands or fingers will not count. Hits that strike the feet while they are on the ground will not count (If your feet leave the ground and are struck, it will count as a leg hit). If you are struck in the torso, front or back, that counts as a killing blow. If you are struck in a leg or arm, you "lose" that appendage for the rest of the round, and if you lose 2 appendages, that is a killing blow. 

We would absolutely LOVE to see you all fully decked out in your armor, but for the tournament,  it will not count as extra hitpoints. We want to make sure that this event is welcoming and fair for all to enter regardless of time or financial commitment to the LARP. 

Lastly, we will not be providing adult beverages, but adults who are 21+ will be allowed to bring and partake in drinking adult beverages on the property.

If you have any other questions or comments, please reach out to us! You can reach us through our email: [email protected]

Or you can reach us through our instagram, facebook, or discord at MarquestLarp.