What is Marquest?


Marquest is a small group of individuals passionate about Medieval Fantasy in the Marquette, Michigan area. They’ve come together to create an immersive, live action role-playing experience for like-minded adventurers. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Marquestlarp as well as join their community on Discord at MarQuest. We hope to continue this Large Scale event year after year here in the Upper Peninsula, along with additional smaller community events inspired by LARP and medieval fantasy.


What should I wear?


At The Battle of Banded Iron, and at our future fully immersive LARP events our goal is to make you feel like you are truly in medieval times. Modern clothing should be disguised, modified, or otherwise blend in with and be unobtrusive to the medieval or generally accepted Feros aesthetic.
Any piece of modern equipment or clothing required out of medical necessity will be allowed, but we ask that if possible, any modern equipment or clothing be covered up as much as possible by appropriate era cloth or armor.

What we would not like to see are:

 T-shirts that are brightly colored, with visible logos, with visible collars, and or visible pockets

Camouflage, cargo pants, or modern shorts.
Modern jeans of any color.
Modern hats.
Any fabrics with modern prints.
Any realistic weapons.
Cleats and spikes.


Can I bring my children?


No, our large scale immersive event will be 21+ 


We will also not be allowing anybody to bring any pets of any kind to The Battle of Banded Iron.


Do I have to make a character to go to TBOFB?


Character building and lore is a huge part of what makes events like The Battle of Banded Iron so magical. Though there are no rules for how you should role play during the event, we would love for you to familiarize yourself with the lore (Which can be found on our website) and come up with a character to immerse yourself into. If you need help there are many websites that can generate medieval fantasy inspired names to get your mind going. 


IMPORTANT: One thing to note when it comes to character creation in the Feros realm, is that there are currently no races or beings apart from Humans in our world. While there is room for discussion in future years, for The Battle of Banded Iron we ask that you refrain from dressing as a fantastical being, think closer to what you would find in Game of Thrones, and not in Lord of the Rings. (But obviously we want some bad ass Eowyns and Aragorns out there, come on now!)

Where can I get Weapons and Armor/Can I make my own?


At Marquest we highly recommend both options. If you are trying to save money and labor, we recommend purchasing weapons at reputable LARP manufacturers and sellers like Medievalcollectables.com and/or Forgedfoam.com


If you have the time, you can easily make your own gear and weapons, just make sure to follow our explicit weapons rules which are in Weapons Regulations on our website. 


We will be having mandatory gear and weapons checks upon entry to make sure that all weapons entering the event are LARP grade and appropriate for a LARP event. NO REAL WEAPONS WILL BE ALLOWED. This is true even if they are props, safety always comes first, and we will be strict about this rule for our event. In the case of items or weapons not being allowed in the event, we will have ample parking spaces and plenty of friendly folk who could store items in vehicles if the need arises. 


Please refer to our Weapons Regulations tab on the website or reach out to our staff on our discord at https://discord.gg/gPDXcbcNVS for any questions.


What is the best way to reach out or discuss questions or concerns?


We have an active and growing discord channel and community that is constantly talking about the event, LARP, and medieval fantasy in general. All of our admin are present and watchful of the discord channel, and so it is the best way for a quick response or a lengthy discussion. 


We are also available at the following locations: Facebook.com/marquestlarp Instagram.com/marquestlarp and [email protected]