The Battle of Banded Iron

What to expect:


Food- We will be providing a fully catered dinner for all attendees. Vegetable and Meat options will be available. 

Tavern game and Amenities- There will be a full service Tavern area with bar games, food, and plenty of Social contests. Please bring your own drinking vessels.

Camping- There will be an area fully staged for tent camping on site. Full medeival immersion is NOT required here, we would like you to be as comfortable as possible. There will also be car camping allowed in the parking area.

1v1 Dueling Arena- Bring your Emrols and bet on your strongest warrior in the 1v1 Dueling arena/Fight pit. This will be going all evening and will be run by a designated official.

Large Scale Battle- The Battle of Banded Iron is, above all else, a large scale combat event. The Battle will take place in the afternoon and will bring both factions and all other player characters together in a two sided battle that will decide the fate of Feros for another year.

Archery- There will be an officiated archery course on site. We highly reccomend trying it out, and there might be some special ways to earn yourself an Emrol or two if you do!

Questing- There is a large array of quests available to complete while you are at The Battle of Banded Iron. Keep an eye out for the Emmisary, and our Non-Player Characters as there will be many ways to rope yourself into the lore of Feros and earn yourself or your faction some in-game currency.

Emrols (In-game Currency)- Coin!! You can earn Emrols individually or for your faction. At the end of the event each factions Emrol Chests will be counted out which will be a deciding factor in which faction was victorious. Emrols can be gambled at many different smaller events and locations throughout the day.

Live Music- There will be a collection of live music throughout the day and into the evening. Prepare to dance the night away to some of our best local medeival talent!

Lore/NPC's- The event will be filled with NPC's who may or may not have quests and lore for you to join them on. Keep a lookout for players wearing purple, the indicator that they are in the aquisitions guild, and may have some extra gameplay to get you into.